Today, Adichatz project needs help of a community to be completed


The priority is to test all processes from generation to use by end users. Every goodwill is welcome.

  • Try Adichatz framework and post a issue or contact us.
  • In our opinion, JUnit-like products seems too limited to allow real test procedures in Generation and UI cases. Some approaches made by xored, Jubula or SWTBot seem interesting but there are time and skill consuming. We are waiting for any suggestions.
  • We are looking for specifications of a good idea for a pilot project. Any suggestion will be studied (Current example build on sakila database is too simple to show all the powerful of Adichatz).



  • Adichatz was developed in France. So many errors or inaccuracies stay in website, pdf file or inside plugins. Any help is welcome.


  •  Adichatz can be internationalized by duplicating files from '{plugin}/resources/bundle' directory.

In '/resources/messages' directory of 'org.adichatz.jpa' plugin, copy files:

  • to,
  • to,

Then translate values in '*' files.


  • Adichatz knows bind the permissions to roles. We do not know the best way to request JBoss AS to obtain authentication and roles. Any help is welcome.


Design of Adichatz allows several ways to extend the framework, e.g.:

  • UI components : Adichatz proposes many controllers covering many UI component (SWT, nebula). Current controllers can be extended or new UI components can be integrated.
  • Today, an implementation of JPA with Hibernate is provided in 'org.adichatz.jpa' plugin. Other implementations can be conceived with an other ORM, another database system (e.g. NoSQL). Any suggestion and help is welcome.


  • Currently, file “persistence.xml” which describes datasource parameters for hibernate is read from file '{binary directory}/META-INF/persistence.xml'. Is it possible to read, by default a file outside the plugin, e.g. in workspace? So that connection parameters could be changed easily in exported final product.
  • We wonder wether Adichatz architecture is compliant with 'Restfull web service' (Jersey or Resteasy). If this is the case, we need help to build a new plugin to include this technology.