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 +<WRAP adihi><​html><​center><​big></​html>​
 +Today, **Adichatz** project needs help of a community to be completed
 +===== Test =====
 +The priority is to test all processes from generation to use by end users. Every goodwill is welcome.
 +  * Try **Adichatz framework** and post a [[https://​github.com/​YvesDrumbonnet/​Adichatz-RCP-Eclipse/​issues|issue]] or [[https://​adichatz.org/​dokuwiki/​doku.php?​id=contact|contact us]].
 +  * In our opinion, JUnit-like products seems too limited to allow real test procedures in Generation and UI cases. Some approaches made by [[http://​www.xored.com|xored]],​ [[http://​www.eclipse.org/​jubula/​|Jubula]] or [[http://​eclipse.org/​swtbot/​|SWTBot]] seem interesting but there are time and skill consuming. We are waiting for any suggestions.
 +  * We are looking for specifications of a good idea for a pilot project. Any suggestion will be studied (Current example build on sakila database is too simple to show all the powerful of Adichatz).  ​
 +===== Improvement =====
 +  * **Adichatz** was developed in France. So many errors or inaccuracies stay in website, [[http://​www.adichatz.org/​document/​get_started.pdf|pdf file]] or inside plugins. Any help is welcome.
 +  * **Adichatz** can be internationalized by duplicating files from '<​wrap adicode>​{plugin}/​resources/​bundle</​wrap>'​ directory.
 +<​html><​div style="​margin-left:​ 2em; margin-top: -1em;"></​html><​WRAP indic>
 +In '<​wrap adicode>/​resources/​messages</​wrap>'​ directory of '<​wrap adicode>​org.adichatz.jpa</​wrap>'​ plugin, copy files:
 +    * <wrap adicode>​adichatzJpa.properties</​wrap>​ to  <wrap adicode>​adichatzJpa_fr.properties</​wrap>,​
 +    * <wrap adicode>​columnPreference.properties</​wrap>​ to <wrap adicode>​columnPreference_fr.properties</​wrap>,​
 +    * ...
 +Then translate values in <wrap adicode>'​*_fr.properties'</​wrap>​ files.
 +  * **Adichatz** knows bind the permissions to roles. We do not know the best way to request JBoss AS to obtain authentication and roles. Any help is welcome.
 +===== Extensions =====
 +Design of **Adichatz** allows several ways to extend the framework, e.g.: 
 +  * UI components :​ **Adichatz** proposes many controllers covering many UI component (SWT, nebula). Current controllers can be extended or new UI components can be integrated.
 +  * Today, an implementation of JPA with Hibernate is provided in '<​wrap adicode>​org.adichatz.jpa</​wrap>'​ plugin. Other implementations can be conceived with an other ORM, another database system (e.g. NoSQL). Any suggestion and help is welcome.
 +===== Questions =====
 +  * Currently, file "​persistence.xml"​ which describes datasource parameters for hibernate is read from file '<​wrap adicode>​{binary directory}/​META-INF/​persistence.xml</​wrap>'​. Is it possible to read, by default a file outside the plugin, e.g. in workspace? So that connection parameters could be changed easily in exported final product.
 +  * We wonder wether **Adichatz** architecture is compliant with '​**Restfull web service**'​ ([[https://​jersey.java.net/​|Jersey]] or [[http://​www.jboss.org/​resteasy|Resteasy]]). If this is the case, we need help to build a new plugin to include this technology. ​