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 +<WRAP adihi>
 +<columns 100% l  middle>
 +<​html><​div style="​font-size:​ 1.2em;"></​html>​
 +Opensource project aiming to provide a new way to build quickly rich and 3-tier IT applications:​
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 +Based on **Eclipse 4.15 (03/​2020)**,​ **Adichatz** provides ​ plugins designed for building simple or complex data-driven applications in [[https://​wiki.eclipse.org/​Eclipse4/​RCP|Eclipse 4 RCP]] in front of an Application Server or in JSE context.
 +   * Component driven development combined with [[features:​osgi|OSGi]] architecture ensures **efficiency**,​ **flexibility** and **maintainability**. ​
 +   * **Easy to learn** and to use, the framework is intended to every developer without particular skills.
 +   * **Reduce IT risk** factors by cutting down development costs and completion time.
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 +{{youtube>​_hHrKFaR6bM?​medium |Create your first RCP application}}
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 +=== In 2 minutes, create your first JEE Eclipse Application and then customize it. ===
 +  * [[tutorial:​generate_new_project|Create a RCP application]] linked to an application server (Wildfly or Jboss), providing [[tutorial:​navigator|navigators]],​ [[tutorial:​entity_editor|editors]] and  **outline parts** to query and manipulate objects of the database schema in less than **2 minutes**.
 +  * [[tutorial:​queries|Queries]] can be customized and stored by end-users.
 +  * Runtime and Development environments communicate together in order to ensure that modifications can be quickly tested without quitting application.
 +  * **Databinding**,​ [[tutorial:​lazy_loading|lazy loading]], [[tutorial:​validation_process|validation process]], **locks management**,​ **dirty status**, and **consistency** are ensured by [[tutorial:​databinding_service|Databinding Service]].
 +  * Swaps with server-side are optimized thanks to the internal **Application Data Cache**.
 +<​newcolumn lt>
 +=== Adichatz provides tools to ensure ease of use and to propose a component-based approach for recursive developments. ===
 +  * **Easy to use**: Any developer can take the product in hand without particular skills.
 +  * **Recursivity**:​ Much of the work could be done in recursive and customizable batches.
 +  * **Rich and flexible**: All Adichatz components are extensible and reusable.
 +  * **Productivity booster**: Components assembly ensures efficiency and robustness.
 +  * **Standard**:​ Use standard and leader technologies : [[features:​osgi|OSGi]] compliant, Java, Hibernate...
 +  * [[tutorial:​css|CSS]] Themes can be defined for styling your application.
 +  * **Testing**:​ Build quickly and easily UI test with [[tutorial:​testing|Adichatz testing]] solution.
 +\\ \\
 +<WRAP adihi><​html><​big><​center></​html>​Many other features exist. Go into this website to discover them.<​html></​center></​big></​html></​WRAP>​