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 +==== Features ==== 
 +**Main objective of Adichatz is to make easy developments of Eclipse RCP application around database objects.** 
 +  * JSE and Application Server mode (JEE) are supported. Without any special skills, you can [[get_started:​install_as|install Application Server]] and publish an EJB. 
 +  * As shown [[tutorial:​osgi|here]],​ developments are [[http://​www.osgi.org|OSGi]] compliant. 
 +  * Framework takes charge of:  
 +    * Optimization of swaps with the server using an application data cache and [[tutorial:​lazy_loading|lazy loading]] mechanism. 
 +    * Consistency of entities between different editors. 
 +    * an extended [[tutorial:​databinding`_service|databinding service]]. 
 +    * Quick integration of rich UI components as FormPage, Section, TableViewer,​ Synchronized Master/​Detail blocks... 
 +    * Collections of customizable controllers provide a easy way to include rich components suitable for databinding. 
 +  * Adichatz architecture is designed to provide easily extensibility for components, generators or scenarios. 
 +  * **XML files** describe any part of the application:​ Editors, queries, menus.... These files are updatable, so you can easily change the behavior of an editor. 
 +  * **CSS** Themes can be defined for styling your application. 
 +  * A **Testing plugin** could be added to the application. Developpers can easily build UI tests based on [[http://​www.testng.org | TestNG]]. 
 +    ​