XML files describe generated editors Editors generated by Adichatz are described by XML files as below.


Change XML contents during development process could be a simple way to change the editor behavior. If changes on XML files are made at runtime, close and reopen the editor is enough to regenerate specific classes and to reload them with changes.

Complete XML example file could be see here.

In <config> tag:

  • <customization>: Customization tag allows you to drive called XML files behavior.
  • <param>: Parameters received from calling xml file or calling action.

Include Tag


Called XML file contents is include in a <includeTree> tag. This part could be used for different usages:

Called by first page for FilmEditor Called by dependencies page of ActorEditor.

Complete XML example file could be see here.


Each tag corresponds to a configuration element or a component to be added to the editor. Syntax follows the grammar specified in xsd files you can find http://www.adichatz.org/xsd/.