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 +A [[http://​www.adichatz.org/​document/​get_started.pdf|get_started Guide]] is available as a PDF document. 
 +The easier way to get started with  Adichatz plugins is to follow step by step the "​get_started"​ section: 
 +  - [[install|Install]]. 
 +  - [[install_as|Install Application Server]] (optional). 
 +  - [[generate_new_project|Generate a new project]]. 
 +  - [[execute_project|Execute the project]]. 
 +  - [[improve_part|Improve part]]. 
 +  - [[transform_final_product|Transform in a final product]]. 
 +  <WRAP adihi>In a few minutes, you can have an Eclipse 4 RCP application plugged on an Application Server (JEE) for managing objects from a database.</​WRAP>​