You cannot export directly the project in a final product for two reasons.

  • Changes to the XML files may not have been reported in the JAVA classes.
  • Normally, you do not want to export Adichatz Tool and Generator features in the final product.

So the export process involves several steps:

  • Clean project (generate needed Java classes, delete obsolete class java and check for errors).
  • Remove org.adichatz.broadcast, org.adichatz.tool and org.adichatz.generator from item Require-Bundle of MANIFEST.MF file.
  • Export project.
  • Recover the project in the previous state in order to continue developments.

Export project

 Export product

  • Option is not visible when errors are encountered on the project.
  • Clean obsolete generated classes could clean errors.

If no errors are encountered during first step, the next window will appear:

 Export product

  • Choose adichatz.product configuration file.
  • Choose a directory where to create the final application.
  • Click Finish.

  • Project is exported.
  • Project recovers the previous state in order to continue developments.

Your final product is created