Release Notes 0.8.1

Changes (02-10-2013)

  • add RichText controller.
  • Menu are replaced by Navigators :
  • Several Navigator Parts can be added to NavigatorStack.
  • Installed navigators and their components are described in './resources/xml/AdichatzRcpConfig.xml' file.
  • Studio Editors for Scenario.xml and axml files contain a page editing xml source.
  • Add problem marker on axml files when unmarshaller (SAX) fails or generated Java files fire errors.
  • Compare Generated and customized axml files is improved (titles and image).
  • Add image on form page tab.
  • Reshuffle of LifeCycle listeners:
    • New BEFORE_SYNCRONIZE listener launched before asking for synchronization (binding between data and controllers) on a EntityManagerController (CompositeController, PGroupController…) or a FieldController (TextController, CheckBoxController…).
    • New AFTER_SYNCRONIZE listener launched after asking for synchronization.
  • Remove Adichatz Studio Architecture and all dependent resources. Concept of a Adichatz Studio perspective with specif Navigator and specific hierarchic resources could be rebuild later in a separated plugin.
  • Reshuffle of RefTextController: replace refText by specific createControl method in controller.
  • OneToOne POJOs relationships use Hibernate FieldHandled to force Lazy loading as explained here.
  • Choice of POJO rewriter generator is choosen by entity and not by project.
  • Callback concept on server side is extended on client side (callfore).


Bug Id Summary
0.8.0-01 When disable and enable filter on a primitive and numeric column, an error occured (NullPointerException) if format is missing.
0.8.2-02 Cannot find entityURI on JPAPluginResources because of classloader difference.
0.8.2-03 When refreshing an editor on a new entity, editor is not closed.
0.8.2-04 Set value of a null image on Data Format return an error.
0.8.2-05 Expand image of type IMAGE_DATA after choosing a new image does not display new Image.
0.8.2-06 Reshuffle of availabilty of tool items of ImageViewer following to lack of image.
0.8.2-07 Change on edit page then display OneToOne raises an error (OneToOne field stays in a lazy mode).
0.8.2-08 When a new OneToOne element is added, then editor is refreshed, element container (e.g. SectionController) is not refresh initial state.
0.8.2-09 Not wanted control “Add a record is …” when adding a record in a ManyToMany relationship.
0.8.2-10 Trace and info display does not depend on preference in Studio console.
0.8.2-11 Studio console is not active on compile of change on an AXML file.
0.8.2-12 Load preference on LisDetailQueryFOrm does not work.
0.8.2-13 On CTabItemController and PShefItemController, field values are not synchronized when life cycle is delayed.
0.8.2-14 Some listener types where ignored (ADD_ENTITY, AFTER_FIELD_CHANGE…).
0.8.2-15 In development mode, unwanted instantiating of ScenarioRecources (currentStamp was'nt initialized).
0.8.2-16 ListenerTypeController have bad layout behavior in Adichatz Studio.
0.8.2-17 When several Dependencies are displayed thru a CTabFolder current Detail is not displayed when selecting CTabItem.
0.8.2-18 On ImageViewerController, fit canvas property was lost when changing Image reference.
0.8.2-19 On AJSEPersistenceManager, System.err is not set on default value whether an error occurs during PersistenceManager initialization.
0.8.2-20 When hibernate execute a query on an Entity containing an OneToOne relationship, the relationship is considered as eager and a query by row is executed.
0.8.2-21 When adding or removing record in an EntitySetContentProvider if used Viewer is not not a TableViewer an Cast Error occurred.
0.8.2-22 Paste doesn't work on XjcTreeController: Eligibility doesn't look inside super pluginEntity.
0.8.2-23 Property editable works only for text, formattedText, richText, numericText.
0.8.2-24 In CacheManager lock points on UI plugin resources rather than model one.
0.8.2-25 Query preference Windows contains bugs when saving new preferences.
0.8.2-26 Preference Managers must be initialized after plugin org.adichate.engine.e4 is initialized.
0.8.2-27 Filter on Boolean value doesn't support change.


Issue Summary
0.8.1-01 Upgrade to Eclipse 4.3 (Kepler).
0.8.1-02 Improve reflow process (stop to the first rigid container / formtext, section, group…).
0.8.1-03 Improve entity injection when opening a new Editor. Search for all needed lazy relationship to be loaded for all entities and lcthen query the server. (Today the server is queried once by entity).
0.8.1-04 Add XML page to InternalTreeFormEditor (editor for axml file contained in plugins).
0.8.1-05 When adding controllerClassName to TableColumnWrapper or GridColumnWrapper, class declaration and method must be parameterized (e.g. “extends TableColumnController<Film>”).