Release Notes 0.8.5

Changes (03-07-2014)

  • Add old status in AdiEntityEvent. So that, listener knows old status.
  • Create a new Entity Injection process in editors and controllers wich simplifies management of entities and databindings.
  • Add extendTree: In some case, a axml file can extend another axml file.
  • Queries and change requests can be combined in one swap with server.
  • add GMap controller to display a google map following to a position.
  • add CCombo controller which wraps a ccombo control.
  • Add Home button to top-right tool bar.
  • Synchronization (databinding) between entities and UI components is optimized.
  • Several types of event can be specified for a listener (e.g <listener listenerTypes=“AFTER_SYNCHRONIZE | AFTER_PROPERTY_CHANGE | POST_REFRESH”).
  • 2 versions are delivered, one for Eclipse luna and one for Eclipse kepler.


Bug Id Summary
0.8.4-01 BeanUtils#copyFields: Do not copy static fields.
0.8.4-02 Key word #FIND(…) did not work.
0.8.4-03 Startup process did not work for multiple (>2) Adichatz plugins.
0.8.4-04 Problem of class loader: Now adichatz use Application classloader by default.
0.8.4-05 Store query preferences did not work in some cases.
0.8.4-05 #BEAN() and #ENTITY() key words did not work in additional code items.
0.8.4-06 Databinding process generates errors when cancelling relationship changes on updated entities.
0.8.4-07 Table renderer is not correct when cancelling deletion of a row.


Issue Summary
0.8.5-01 Improve entity injection when opening a new Editor. Search for all needed lazy relationship to be loaded for all entities and then query the server. (Today the server is queried once by entity).
0.8.5-02 When adding controllerClassName to TableColumnWrapper or GridColumnWrapper, class declaration and method must be parameterized (e.g. “extends TableColumnController<Film>”).