Release Notes 0.8.3

Changes (02-12-2013)

  • Use GroupNavigator rather than TreeNavigator.
  • Class of Intro Panel and Intro Outline Page depends on URI parameters stored in 'AdichatzRcpConfig.xml' file.
  • At first, load Config files from workspace/org.adichatz.preferences and if files does not exist load from {plugin}/resource/xml folder.
  • Change version from CeCILL 2 to CeCILL-C : CeCILL (from “CEA CNRS INRIA Logiciel Libre”) is a Free software licence adapted to both international and French legal matters, in the spirit of and retaining compatibility with the GNU General Public License.


Bug Id Summary
0.8.2-01 When disable and enable filter on a primitive and numeric column, an error occured (NullPointerException) if format is missing.
0.8.2-02 ReflectionTools#getClazz is inappropriate for loading intro panel: works only if intro panel class is known from calling plugin. Use URI rather than class name.
0.8.2-03 Comparison of 2 AdiInputParts may return false even if the parts concern the same objects. When ParamMap value is instance of IMarshalledElement, value.preMarshal must be compared rather than value.
0.8.2-04 SWT error or NullPointerException occurs in AFieldController#lockEntity when loading same dynamicClause in to different editors.
AFieldController#lockEntity must check wether control exists and is not disposed.
0.8.2-05 Generator for dynamicClause must create entity listeners without specifying bindingService sot that changes are broadcast to any editors.


Issue Summary
0.8.3-01 Improve reflow process (stop to the first rigid container / formtext, section, group…).
0.8.3-02 Improve entity injection when opening a new Editor. Search for all needed lazy relationship to be loaded for all entities and lcthen query the server. (Today the server is queried once by entity).
0.8.3-03 Add XML page to InternalTreeFormEditor (editor for axml file contained in plugins).
0.8.3-04 When adding controllerClassName to TableColumnWrapper or GridColumnWrapper, class declaration and method must be parameterized (e.g. “extends TableColumnController<Film>”).