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 +====== Release Notes 0.8.4 ====== 
 +===== Changes (01-02-2014) ===== 
 +  * Add <wrap adicode>​@AdiResourceURI</​wrap>​ annotation in generated classes in order to know which xml resources is linked to the generated class (in replacement of special character). 
 +  * Simplify **LazyFetches** management. A simple string containing lazy fetches split by comma, e.g.: When fetching a <wrap adicode>​Inventory</​wrap>​ record, ask for automatic fetching of its <wrap adicode>​Film</​wrap>​ and its <wrap adicode>​Store</​wrap>,​ <wrap adicode>​Address</​wrap>​ with <wrap adicode>​City</​wrap>​ could be asked by adding the **lazyFetches** string: “<wrap adicode>​film,​ store.address.city</​wrap>​”. 
 +  * Add expand via decorator on TextController for opening a window for entering. 
 +  * Label of Recent Open Editor can be  changed. 
 +  * In class <wrap adicode>​PluginEntityType</​wrap>​ change <wrap adicode>​pojoRewriterClassName</​wrap>​ field by <wrap adicode>​pojoRewriterClassNames</​wrap>​ which contains zero to several POJO rewriter class name split by coma. 
 +  * Work for JBoss eap 6.1.  
 +===== BugFixes ===== 
 +|< 100% 80px>| 
 +^ Bug Id ^ Summary ^ 
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.3-01** | Special character '​€'​ for method or class name is not accepted is mac environment. | 
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.3-02** | CompositeBagController.ShowChildControllerThread dysfunction when several CompositeBagController must be. | 
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.3-03** | Dysfunction on TableController#​refresh when using AdiBusyIndicator.syncExecShowWhile. Click on OutlinePage then select an item in table triggers a doubleclick event!? | 
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.3-04** | LazyFetch members are not processed where entity is fetched outside any databinding service. So tree of LocalLazyNode is not created. | 
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.3-05** | Refresh Editor Action do not clean errors on new entities (status = PERSIST). | 
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.3-06** | Recent Open Editor list does not work for new record. | 
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.3-07** | In <wrap adicode>​DatasourceManagerPart</​wrap>,​ <wrap adicode>​FileText jdbcDriverJar</​wrap>,​ filterPath initialization is incorrect. | 
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.3-08** | Error on open application are not displayed in console. If console stack is minimized, ​ <wrap adicode>​NullPointerException</​wrap>​ occurs. | 
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.3-09** | When user clicks on Cancel on SelectRefValueDialog,​ ref text is still changed. | 
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.3-10** | When user changed partstack of editors, an error occurs after having closed and reopened application and when opening a new editor. | 
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.3-11** | Error message are no longer displayed on field when changing dependencies tab and row is already selected. | 
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.3-12** | Unwanted warn messages when connecting to Jboss AS server: add log4j.properties files. | 
 +===== TODO List ===== 
 +|< 100% 80px>| 
 +^ <wrap index>​Issue</​wrap>​ ^ Summary ^ 
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.4-01** | Improve reflow process (stop to the first rigid container / formtext, section, group...). | 
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.4-02** | Improve entity injection when opening a new Editor. Search for all needed lazy relationship to be loaded for all entities and lcthen query the server. (Today the server is queried once by entity). | 
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.4-03** | Add XML page to InternalTreeFormEditor (editor for axml file contained in plugins). | 
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.4-04** | When adding controllerClassName to TableColumnWrapper or GridColumnWrapper,​ class declaration and method must be parameterized (e.g. “extends TableColumnController<​Film>​”). |