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 +====== Release Notes 0.8.6 ======
 +===== Changes (15-09-2014) =====
 +  * <wrap adicode>​adiResourceURI</​wrap>​ item of <wrap adicode>​include</​wrap>​ element in <wrap adicode>​axml</​wrap>​ files (e.g. <wrap adicode><​include adiResourceURI="​..."​ id="​xxx"/></​wrap>​) can be empty so include clause is skipped.
 +  * When looking a referenced bean thru <wrap adicode>​RefTextController</​wrap>,​ you can edit and choose a new bean.
 +  * Recent editors and Recent preference queries pages are improved. Several entries can be open or removed in one action.
 +  * replace <wrap adicode>​column</​wrap>​ by <wrap adicode>​property</​wrap>​ for naming field of a bean.
 +  * Getters and setters methods are managed in <wrap adicode>​PropertyField</​wrap>​ class and no longer in <wrap adicode>​AEntityMetaModel</​wrap>​ class.
 +  * Current window of <wrap adicode>​Eclipse IDE</​wrap>​ is activated when sending socket from application in order to open <wrap adicode>​axml files</​wrap>​. By changing Adichatz Studio preference, activation can be disabled.
 +  * A class can linked to <wrap adicode>​part</​wrap>​ opening: Useful to launch automatic scripts or to test.
 +  * A specific <wrap adicode>​logger class</​wrap>​ can be defined in <wrap adicode>​AdichatzRcpConfig.axml</​wrap>​ file (<wrap adicode>​adiLoggerClassName</​wrap>​ attribute of <wrap adicode>​RcpConfiguration</​wrap>​ element).
 +  * Simplify and improve reflow process of controls when displaying part or typing changes.
 +  * improve the layout of the controller <wrap adicode>​RefTextController</​wrap>​.
 +  * A copy of file <wrap adicode>​Standalone.xml</​wrap>​ is saved in directory <wrap adicode>​resources/​build/​save</​wrap>​ before adding driver or datasource modules.
 +===== BugFixes =====
 +|< 100% 80px>|
 +^ Bug Id ^ Summary ^
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.5-01** | Code of an  <wrap adicode>​axml</​wrap>​ file for a Binding service listener is not correctly generated. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.5-02** | Results of pooled content provided were not correctly restored. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.5-03** | When generating <wrap adicode>​EDITOR</​wrap>​ axml file, <wrap adicode>#​AUTHORIZATION(...)</​wrap>​ key word has not correct parameters when master entity contains only one entity set. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.5-04** | Several bugs in SwitchEditorHandler are corrected |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.5-05** | Query prefrences dialog contained bugs. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.5-06** | <wrap adicode>​Entity Injection</​wrap>​ process must be disposed and regenerated when changing entity on an <wrap adicode>​Entity Manager controller</​wrap>​. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.5-07** | <wrap adicode>​org.hibernate.ObjectDeletedException</​wrap>​ occurs when deleting OneToOne bean (impact on lazy nodes tree was not correctly managed). |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.5-08** | Refresh of action bar for OneToOne section <wrap adicode><​nowiki>​adi://​org.adichatz.jpa/​common.toolBar/​OneToOneDetailTBM</​nowiki></​wrap>​ is not correct when using action. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.5-09** | When deleting an Adichatz project and creating a new project with same name, application datacache is not refreshed (Adichatz studio beeing written with Adichatz tools). |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.5-10** | If model and ui are split in 2 projects, compilation errors can occur when loading model bean class because model class loader does not knows hibernate libraries). |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.6-11** | For a <wrap adicode>​set controller</​wrap>,​ when refresh at start is demanded, launch refresh (query) after <wrap adicode>​control listeners</​wrap>​ are executed. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.6-12** | In <wrap adicode>​ClassTextControntroller</​wrap>​ treeClasssName selection is incorrect when trying to link <wrap adicode>​TreeWrapper</​wrap>​ to <wrap adicode>​TableGenerator</​wrap>​ (or <wrap adicode>​GridGenerator</​wrap>​). |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.6-13** | **ScenarioFormEditor**:​ Change are lost when changing page. Changing page is no longer available when a data is updated on one page.|
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.6-14** | **XjcTreeEditor**:​ Save action is not disabled when error occurs. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.6-15** | Regenerate Bundle properties file from context menu did not work. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.6-16** | **ScenarioFormEditor**:​ When adding entity belonging to current <wrap adicode>​pluginResources</​wrap>,​ do not change <wrap adicode>​MANIFEST.MF</​wrap>​ file. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.6-17** | Error when opening in creation mode an editor generated by <wrap adicode>​OnePageEditorScenario</​wrap>​ when several dependencies exist. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.6-18** | When rewriting Jboss standalone.xml file, input stream and output stream were not closed. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.6-19** | When adding <wrap adicode>​Model part</​wrap>​ to a **Scenario.xml** file thru <wrap adicode>​ScenrioFormEditor</​wrap>,​ list of <wrap adicode>​plugin entities</​wrap>​ is not refreshed. |
 +===== TODO List =====
 +|< 100% 80px>|
 +^ <wrap index>​Issue</​wrap>​ ^ Summary ^
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.6-01** | Improve entity injection when opening a new Editor. Search for all needed lazy relationship to be loaded for all entities and then query the server. (Today the server is queried once by entity). |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.6-02** | When adding controllerClassName to <wrap adicode>​TableColumnWrapper</​wrap>​ or <wrap adicode>​GridColumnWrapper</​wrap>,​ class declaration and method must be parameterized (e.g. “extends <wrap adicode>​TableColumnController<​nowiki><</​nowiki><​hi>​Film</​hi><​nowiki>></​nowiki></​wrap>​”). |