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 +====== Release Notes 0.8.7 ======
 +===== Changes (06-03-2015) =====
 +  * Startup process is reviewed. E4ResourceManager class is forsaken and a E4AdichatzApplication class is created.
 +  * Creation of <hi #​F2D6B6>​**org.adichatz.testing** plugin</​hi>​ in order to easily create and launch TestNG tests inside Adichatz Applications and display results.
 +  * Add TextFieldEditor for preference page.
 +  * Add evaluators on Preference page. Apply could be processed only when evaluators are checked.
 +  * Simplify Lock manager invocations (JEE).
 +  * Add "​application"​ listeners (post open part, bring to top, post start up).
 +  * Recast of navigators: Navigators can be extended by external plugins: i.e. org.adichatz.testing plugins adds specific menu and items to current navigators.
 +  * Query preferences could be common to several editors.
 +  * QueryBuilder can be specified in query <wrap adicode>​axml</​wrap>​ file.
 +  * Query parameters can be disabled (user cannot change values) or invisible.
 +  * Editor for <wrap adicode>​axml</​wrap>​ query file has been completed. |
 +  * Attributes of element in customization attribute can override attributes of element in part.
 +  * ImageViewer is no longer reloaded when imageReference is not changed (improve response time when image is loaded from internet).
 +  * Expanded items of Tree of <wrap adicode>​GenerationTreeController</​wrap>​ in <wrap adicode>​ScenarioEditor.axml</​wrap>​ stay expanded after a save of changes in the editor. ​
 +  * XML files stored in configuration directory (outside workspace) can be opened in current workspace (ight click on project and select <wrap adicode>​Adichatz</​wrap>​ / <wrap adicode>​Open external resources Editor</​wrap>​).
 +  ​
 +  ​
 +===== BugFixes =====
 +|< 100% 80px>|
 +^ Bug Id ^ Summary ^
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-01** | When adding <wrap adicode>​Entities</​wrap>​ from Adichatz plugins incorporated in Eclipse IDE, class loading error occurs. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-02** | In <wrap adicode>​org.adichatz.engine.e4.preference.ANumericFieldEditor.ANumericFieldEditor</​wrap>​ class set dirty preference page only when value changes. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-03** | Error when changing XML page of <wrap adicode>​Scenario Editor</​wrap>​ (getActivePageController() could return null value). |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-04** | When saving changes on <wrap adicode>​RCP</​wrap>​ page of <wrap adicode>​Scenario Editor</​wrap>,​ actions are still not enabled and XML page is sill not editable. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-05** | <wrap adicode>​toolTipText</​wrap>​ attributes of element <wrap adicode>​nodeType</​wrap>​ must not be <wrap adicode>​requirtedt</​wrap>​ (see file <wrap adicode>​menuTree.xsd</​wrap>​). |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-06** | Layout of <wrap adicode>​paginationItem</​wrap>​ and <wrap adicode>​paginationCmp</​wrap>​ components of <wrap adicode>​QueryToolContainer.axml</​wrap>​ file in <wrap adicode>​org.adichatz.jpa</​wrap>​ plugin are incorrect. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-07** | Cannot create new jointure using <wrap adicode>​XjcTreeEditor</​wrap>​ editor. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-08** | In <wrap adicode>​org.adichatz.engine.data.FieldBindingManager</​wrap>​ class, <wrap adicode>​getMethod</​wrap>​ field is not initialized. Now use expression <wrap adicode>​getField().getGetMethod()</​wrap>​. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-09** | Error occured at eclipse openning when previously open <wrap adicode>​axml</​wrap>​ file was changed outside eclipse. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-10** | On query, sub jointure must be added following depth. e.g. <wrap adicode>​from Customer c join fetch c.address a join fetch a.city c join fetch c.country co join fetch c.store s</​wrap>​ is incorrect, use <wrap adicode>​from Customer c join fetch c.address a join fetch c.store s join fetch a.city c join fetch c.country co</​wrap>​.|
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-11** | In <wrap adicode>​TransformTreeTools</​wrap>​ class, when evaluating string with several fields (e.g. <wrap adicode> #​ROW().address.address + " - " ​ + #​ROW().address.city.city ​ + " - " ​ + #​ROW().address.city.country.country</​wrap>​),​ length of string must computed after each occurence.|
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-12** | In <wrap adicode>​org.adichatz.generator.xjc.QueryParameterType</​wrap>​ class, <wrap adicode>​column</​wrap>​ field is optional. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-13** | Refresh of page is needed after creating new page in <wrap adicode>​Multi-OutlinePage</​wrap>​. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-14** | In List/Detail block, when error comes from fetched data from server, Errors message are not removes when refreshing list. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-15** | When error occurs on en entity linked to a tabular controller and when erroneous bean is no longer present in the query list (e.g. because of e pagination),​ try to retrieve entity by error panel throws an exception. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-16** | in method <wrap adicode>​org.adichatz.engine.controller.AFieldController#​lockEntity(boolean)</​wrap>​ assertion <wrap adicode>​getControl().setEnabled(true);</​wrap>​ is incorrect, use assertion <wrap adicode>​getControl().setEnabled(isEnabled());</​wrap>​. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-17** | An error occurs when loading a query preference having a table renderer incompatible with current <wrap adicode>​tabular (table or grid) controller</​wrap>​. In this case choose default/​basic table renderer. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-18** | Generation of lazyFetch members is incorrect for <wrap adicode>​FormPageWrapper</​wrap>,​ <wrap adicode>​IncludTree</​wrap>​ and <wrap adicode>​ContainerTree</​wrap>​. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-19** | Generated java classes of sub menu of a navigator must contain an <wrap adicode>​org.adichatz.engine.extra.AdiResourceURI</​wrap>​ annotation with the URI of the <wrap adicode>​axml</​wrap>​ file ( e.g. <wrap adicode>​@AdiResourceURI(URI="<​nowiki>​adi://​sakilaUI/​groupNavigator/​GroupNavigatorContent</​nowiki>"​)</​wrap>​). |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-20** | <wrap adicode>​org.adichatz.engine.common.XmlEqualsBuilder</​wrap>​ must be rewrites (use getMethods rather than getFields). |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-21** | Select an entity with a composite key as a query parameter value does not work. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-22** | Button "save new preference"​ is not correctly initialized. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-23** | Label provider in current Controller <wrap adicode>​org.adichatz.engine.controller.collection.ArgTabFolderController</​wrap>,​ return value computed from initial getValues(). Element must be getEntity().getBean() which can change during the life of the controller. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-24** | Query preference: Selection of a specific query prefrence or refresh to initial query preference are not correctly recorded in the tool panel. | 
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-25** | Query preference: When passin an updated Entity, Field Controllers are locked.. | 
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-26** | Default styles for CComboController or ComboController are not correct. | 
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-27** | Do not create XJC tree page when opening an empty <wrap adicode>​axml</​wrap>​ file with XjcTreeEditor. | 
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-28** | <wrap adicode>​FilterButton</​wrap>​ in status bar doesn'​t work when using <wrap adicode>​ListDetailOutlinePage</​wrap>​ outline page. Add <wrap adicode>​IQueryOutlinePage</​wrap>​ interface to <wrap adicode>​ListDetailOutlinePage</​wrap>​ class. | 
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-29** | **clearImage** <wrap adicode>​ToolItem</​wrap>​ stay enabled when <wrap adicode>​ImageVewer</​wrap>​ is disabled. | 
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-30** | <wrap adicode>​org.adichatz.studio.xjc.controller.AdiResourceUriTextController</​wrap>​ class doesn'​t return correct AdiResourceURI elements when selecting a plugin (rather than a project). | 
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-31** | <wrap adicode>​org.adichatz.engine.controller.field.AComboController.setValue(Object)</​wrap>​ method, when value is null, and error occurs (In this case, set StructuredSelection.EMPTY selection). |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-32** | When refreshing an created entity of an <wrap adicode>​EntitySet</​wrap>,​ ErrorEditorHandle is not refreshed. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-33** | In <wrap adicode>​Entity editor</​wrap>,​ when creating a new entity, if <wrap adicode>​TableController</​wrap>​ hosting E, ErrorEditorHandle is in same page as Entity Detail, <wrap adicode>​TableController</​wrap>​ state is not correct hust after saving new entity. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-34** |<wrap adicode>​RefreshEntityAction</​wrap>​ action does not clear hosting composite controller when controller display an element of an <wrap adicode>​EntitySet</​wrap>​. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-35** |<wrap adicode>​editor</​wrap>​ in <wrap adicode>​RefTextController</​wrap>​ Must no be visible when <wrap adicode>​eclipse context</​wrap>​ do not belong to an editor (e.g. inside a modal window). |
 +===== TODO List =====
 +|< 100% 80px>|
 +^ <wrap index>​Issue</​wrap>​ ^ Summary ^
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-01** | Set the preference manager inside a PSHelfItem of the query panel. Manage synchronization whith recent panel. |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-02** | Improve entity injection when opening a new Editor. Search for all needed lazy relationship to be loaded for all entities and then, query the server. (Today the server is queried once by entity). |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.7-03** | When adding controllerClassName to <wrap adicode>​TableColumnWrapper</​wrap>​ or <wrap adicode>​GridColumnWrapper</​wrap>,​ class declaration and method must be parameterized (e.g. “extends <wrap adicode>​TableColumnController<​nowiki><</​nowiki><​hi #​F2D6B6>​Film</​hi><​nowiki>></​nowiki></​wrap>​”). |