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 +====== Release Notes 0.8.8 ======
 +===== Changes (03-10-2015) =====
 +  * XML files stored in configuration directory (outside workspace) can be opened in current workspace (ight click on project and select <wrap adicode>​Adichatz</​wrap>​ / <wrap adicode>​Open external resources Editor</​wrap>​).
 +  * Add <wrap adicode>​itemCode</​wrap>,​ <wrap adicode>​text</​wrap>​ and <wrap adicode>​imageDescriptor</​wrap>​ attributes to <wrap adicode>​ContributionItem</​wrap>​ element.
 +  * Preference manager is inside a PSHelfItem of the query panel.
 +  * Project could have several perspectives.
 +  * Reset and switch perspective.
 +  * Eclipse Mars compliant.
 +  * replace <wrap adicode>#​BUNDLE</​wrap>​ by <wrap adicode>#​MSG</​wrap>​ as keyword for Message Bundle.
 +  * Add Nebula richText controller (previous Adichatz controller is renamed in ExtraTextController).
 +  * Add support for Wildfly 8.x and 9.0 application servers.
 +  ​
 +===== BugFixes =====
 +|< 100% 80px>|
 +^ Bug Id ^ Summary ^
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.8-01** | Creation of controls of <wrap adicode>​Navigator</​wrap>​ element is done twice.|
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.8-02** | <wrap adicode>​E4SimilationTools#​handleNavigatorMenuController</​wrap>​ could return NullExcpetion when <wrap adicode>​Navigator content</​wrap>​ is shared by several <wrap adicode>​Navigators</​wrap>​.|
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.8-03** | When removing error message in databinding process, control could be disposed when error occurs at opening editor and after closing editor without change.|
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.8-04** | If <wrap adicode>​org.adichatz.testing</​wrap>​ plugin is added in <wrap adicode>​MANIFEST.MF</​wrap>​ file and not <wrap adicode>​testing</​wrap>​ clause exists in <wrap adicode>​AdichatzRcpConfig.xml</​wrap>​ file, and error occurs|
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.8-05** | In <wrap adicode>​RecentOutlinePage</​wrap>​ class, use <wrap adicode>​IRecentOpenEditor</​wrap>​ type rather than <wrap adicode>​RecentOpenQueryEditorWrapper</​wrap>​ type|
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.8-06** | When open an editor for creating a new record, no entry must be added inside the <wrap adicode>​Recent opened editor list</​wrap>​.| ​
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.8-07** | Layout when expanding dynamic menus in a navigator build on PGroup controls could be incorrect (missong layout data in composite).| ​
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.8-08** | <wrap adicode>​JPAQueryManager.setTableRendererKey(String)</​wrap>​ must be called only when tableRendererKey changes otherwise a table renderer could be instantiated but not initialized.| ​
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.8-09** | When an editor is opened thru the <wrap adicode>​Recent opened list</​wrap>​ panel, no recent entry must be created (use current entry). Otherwise a table renderer could be instantited but not initialized.| ​
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.8-10** | In <wrap adicode>​ExtratTextController</​wrap>​ parsing error message is not removed when data is corrected and refreshed.|
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.8-11** | <wrap adicode>​ExtratText</​wrap>​ contained several bugs.|
 +===== TODO List =====
 +|< 100% 80px>|
 +^ <wrap index>​Issue</​wrap>​ ^ Summary ^
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.8-01** | Improve entity injection when opening a new Editor. Search for all needed lazy relationship to be loaded for all entities and then, query the server. (Today the server is queried once by entity). |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.8.8-02** | When adding controllerClassName to <wrap adicode>​TableColumnWrapper</​wrap>​ or <wrap adicode>​GridColumnWrapper</​wrap>,​ class declaration and method must be parameterized (e.g. “extends <wrap adicode>​TableColumnController<​nowiki><</​nowiki><​hi #​F2D6B6>​Film</​hi><​nowiki>></​nowiki></​wrap>​”). |