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 +====== Release Notes 0.9.1 ======
 +===== Changes (17-04-2019) =====
 +  * new way to launch delayed process with <wrap adicode>​org.adichatz.engine.common.DelayedThread</​wrap>​ class.
 +  * add postSelection listener: <wrap adicode>​viewer.addPostSelectionChangedListener(...)</​wrap>​.
 +  * add postCreatePart listener: triggered at the end of the BoundedPart creation process. ​
 +  * Add [[controllers:​multichoicecontroller|MultiChoiceController]] controller to select an array of values.
 +  * Add [[controllers:​starratingcontroller|StarRatingController]] controller which provides a rating notation.
 +  * Add [[controllers:​gmapcontroller|GMapController]] controller which provides ways to display google map from coordinates or address.
 +  * Add [[controllers:​rgbtextcontroller|RGBTextController]] controller for choosing color.
 +  * Add [[controllers:​fonttextcontroller|FontTextController]] controller for choosing font.
 +  * Add [[controllers:​checktablecontroller|CheckTableController]] extension of [[controllers:​tablecontroller|TableController]] controller using a **CheckboxTableViewer** viewer.
 +  * Provides a way to easily manage Array of strings type in pojo (e.g. for **PostgreSQL** database).
 +  * Provides a way to easily manage Enum type in pojo (e.g. for **PostgreSQL** database).
 +  * Full text clause on **PostgreSQL** database is supported.
 +  * Geometry point type on **MySQL** database is supported.
 +  * Customization xml file can be merge to current **Scenario.xml** file. This is an easy and efficient way to customize scenarios.
 +  * Several <wrap adicode>​Callback</​wrap>​ classes (server side) or <wrap adicode>​Callfore</​wrap>​ classes (client side) can be associated to an entity.
 +  * Super pojo classes can be used e.g. for adding entity listener (@PreUpdate or @PreInsert).
 +  * Preferences for queries are split into 2 items QueryPreference and ControllerPreference.
 +  * Port for communication between IDE and application is dynamically determined.
 +  * Add copy/paste feature in <wrap adicode>​ImageViewerController</​wrap>​ controller when image has <wrap adicode>​DATA</​wrap>​ type (image is stored in database).
 +  * [[tutorial:​css|CSS Themes]] can be defined for styling your application.
 +  ​
 +===== BugFixes =====
 +|< 100% 80px>|
 +^ Bug Id ^ Summary ^
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.9.1-01** | in <wrap adicode>​org.adichatz.tool.ToolActivator</​wrap>​ class, instance of <wrap adicode>​org.adichatz.tool.ToolNavigatorContent</​wrap>​ could be null when <wrap adicode>​Navigator</​wrap>​ is minimized at startup.|
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.9.1-02** | in <wrap adicode>​org.adichatz.engine.widgets.extratext.ExtraText.setFormattedText(String)</​wrap>​ method, Caret could be invalid when cancelling changes.|
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.9.1-03** | in <wrap adicode>​NullPointerException</​wrap>​ occcured in <wrap adicode>​org.adichatz.tool.ToolNavigatorContent.removeOpenMenuController(INavigator)</​wrap>​ method when having navigator minimized and restoring editor part (<wrap adicode>​navigator</​wrap>​ variable is not initialized).|
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.9.1-04** | In <wrap adicode>​RefTextController</​wrap>​ controller, style of control waw not determined by the <wrap adicode>​Style</​wrap>​ property bu was hard-coded.|
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.9.1-05** | When closing eclipse with a open **Scenario.xml** file editor, if you restart eclipse and try to reopen the same file and if active editor is not the editor of this file, a new editor is open. Thats means there are two editor for the same file \\ this comes because, partName (displayed name of the editor) = "<​wrap adicode>​{projectName} - {fileName}</​wrap>"​ is different of <wrap adicode>​FileInputEditor#​getName()</​wrap>​ wich is equals to "​**Scenario.xml**"​. // // In <wrap adicode>​AdiParlistener#​partClosed</​wrap>,​ add line [<wrap adicode>​setPartName(fileEditorInput.getFile().getName());</​wrap>​].|
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.9.1-06** | <wrap adicode>​entitySetType</​wrap>​ must not extend <wrap adicode>​propertyFieldType</​wrap>​ but must extend <wrap adicode>​filedType</​wrap>​.|
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.9.1-07** | <wrap adicode>​org.adichatz.engine.controller.AWidgetController.removeListener(AListener)</​wrap>​ doesn'​t work because listener key is not correct.|
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.9.1-08** | When using a seconde perspective,​ Development and Testing tools do not work: <wrap adicode>​org.adichatz.engine.e4.resource.E4SimulationTools.getSelectedNavigator()</​wrap>​ must consider different perpspectives option.|
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.9.1-09** | '​Valid'​ clause is not intepreted by <wrap adicode>​MenuGenerator</​wrap>​.|
 +===== TODO List =====
 +|< 100% 80px>|
 +^ <wrap index>​Issue</​wrap>​ ^ Summary ^
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.9.1-01** | Improve entity injection when opening a new Editor. Search for all needed lazy relationship to be loaded for all entities and then, query the server. (Today the server is queried once by entity). |
 +| @#​F5F6CE:​**0.9.1-02** | When adding controllerClassName to <wrap adicode>​TableColumnWrapper</​wrap>​ or <wrap adicode>​GridColumnWrapper</​wrap>,​ class declaration and method must be parameterized (e.g. “extends <wrap adicode>​TableColumnController<​nowiki><</​nowiki><​hi #​F2D6B6>​Film</​hi><​nowiki>></​nowiki></​wrap>​”). |