Controller for MultiChoice

The MultiChoiceController is build around a specific control created for Adichatz. This is a FieldController that means that it can be linked to the databinding service.


The control org.adichatz.engine.widgets.MultiChoice was developped by Adichatz based on Laurent Caron's work.
The MultiChoice class represents a selectable user interface object that combines a read-only text-field and a set of checkboxes accessible thru a popup window.

  • determine the number of columns in choices list.
  • decide if tool bar must be shown or hidden.
  • Set popup window size.
  • Set the type of the return value (String or Array) depending on database storage.



    <formattedText editPattern="######" format="Short" property="length" id="length"/>
    <multiChoice popupToolbar="true" multiChoiceType="String" values="Trailers,Commentaries,Deleted Scenes,Behind the Scenes" property="specialFeatures" id="specialFeatures"/>
    <dateText property="lastUpdate" enabled="false" style="SWT.BORDER | SWT.TIME" id="lastUpdate"/>


Multichoice - Store and display selection of items of a set of values

popupToolbar=“true”:A tool bar is displayed.
multiChoiceType=“String”:The return value is a string (Options are String or Array).
values=“Trailers,Commentaries…”:exaustive list of proposed values.