Controller for RichText

The RichTextController is build around the Nebula RichText project which contains 2 controls:

  • RichTextViewer for rendering HTML formatted text.
  • RichTextEditor for editing HTML formatted text.

This is a FieldController that means that it can be linked to the databinding service.

Currently, the Nebula RichText project is a recent project and does not seem completely finalized. For example, we do not know haw to correctly manage scrolling operation in RichTextViewer control.


RichTextViewer control

RichTextController is a controller build around a RichTextViewer control.

  • It proposes a button to expand or edit the field by opening a window containing a RichTextEditor control.
  • When all of the text could not be displayed, an Image Label is displayed:

RichTextEditor control

When clicking on Edit button in the RichTextController, a new window is opened around a RichTextEditor control which offer a way to edit text.



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<includeTree xmlns:xsi="" XMLSchema-instance" coreClassName="org.adichatz.engine.core.ASectionCore" entityURI="adi:/entityURI="adi://myproject/model.filmText/FilmTextMM" generationType="DETAIL" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="">
    <section text="#MSG(filmText, detailContainerText)" style="Section.TWISTIE | Section.TITLE_BAR | Section.EXPANDED" id="detailContainer">
            <listener id="filmIELsnr" listenerTypes="INJECT_ENTITY">
                <code>getComposite().setEnabled(null != getEntity());</code>
            <listener id="filmAELCLsnr" listenerTypes="AFTER_END_LIFE_CYCLE">
                <code>getComposite().setEnabled(null != getEntity());
getControl().setData(&quot;ONE_TO_ONE&quot;, #ENTITY_MM(adi://myproject/;filmText&quot;));</code>
        <layout layoutConstraints="wrap 4" columnConstraints="[fill, align right]10[fill,grow]25[align right]10[fill,grow]"/>
		<formattedText editPattern="######" format="Short" property="filmId" enabled="false" id="filmId"/>
		<dateText property="lastUpdate" style="SWT.BORDER | SWT.TIME" enabled="false" id="lastUpdate"/>
		<composite layoutData="newline, grow, push, span 4" id="bottomComposite">
			<layout layoutConstraints="ins 0, wrap 2" columnConstraints="[fill,grow]15[fill,grow]" rowConstraints="[grow,fill, al top]"/>
			<richText noLabel="true" layoutData="sg bottom" property="description" id="description"/>
			<imageViewer noLabel="true" layoutData="sg bottom" toolBarStyle="AdiSWT.DELETE_BUTTON | AdiSWT.EXPANDABLE | AdiSWT.EDITABLE" fitCanvas="true" imageType="Data" property="image" id="image"/>


RichText - Store description field as String

layoutData=“sg bottom:description richtext control and image imageViewer control have same size.
noLabel:No label are affected to control description. By default, when a field control is linked to a model field (here property=“description”), a label control is automatically created.