Controller for Table

The TableController is a controller which wraps Table control. It extends a TabularController.



<table id="entitiesTable" entityURI="adi://org.adichatz.jpa/jpa/EntityMM" layoutData="height 0:n:n, w 0:n:n">
	<contentProvider xsi:type="nativeContentProviderType" fieldName="entities"/>
	<tableColumn sorted="true" id="entityIdTC" text="#MSG(editorOutline, entity)">
		<columnText>return row.getEntityMM().getEntityId();</columnText>
		<columnImage>import org.adichatz.common.ejb.util.IEntityConstants
if (#BEAN(editorOutline).hasError(row))
	return #IMG(IMG_ERROR_ENTITY.png);
switch (row.getStatus()) {
case IEntityConstants.MERGE:					
	return #IMG(IMG_UPDATE_ENTITY.png);
case IEntityConstants.REMOVE:					
	return #IMG(IMG_DELETE_ENTITY.png);
case IEntityConstants.PERSIST:					
	return #IMG(IMG_CREATE_ENTITY.png);
return #IMG(IMG_ENTITY.png);
	<tableColumn sorted="true" id="identifierTC" text="#MSG(editorOutline, identifier)">
		<columnText>return String.valueOf(row.getBeanId());</columnText>



entityURI="adi://" Gives the type of the entity (EntityMetaModel).
entity=“entity=”#ENTITY(#BEAN().getRcpPart())“ Injects and entity in the composite: bean of the new entity is the property rcpPart of the entity injected in the parent controller.
valid=“false” The controller is not build, the life of cycle ignores the controller and its children. The controller manages the validity of the composite.
layoutData=“gap left 20” Add a margin of 20 pixels.
<layout columnConstraints=”[grow,fill]“ …/>Composite layout has one column and components in the composite take all place and grow with composite.