Controller for RGBText

The RGBTextController is build around a specific control created for Adichatz. This is a FieldController that means that it can be linked to the databinding service.


The control org.adichatz.engine.widgets.RGBText was developped by Adichatz based for choosing a color.
The RGBText class represents a selectable user interface object that combines a read-only text-field and a button opening a ColorDialog popup window.



	<rgbText property="color" id="color">
		<convertTargetToModel>return rgbText.getStringValue();</convertTargetToModel>
		<convertModelToTarget>return org.adichatz.engine.common.EngineTools.getRGBFromHexa((String) value);</convertModelToTarget>


Choose a new color

RGB value is stored in a field as a string and display as a color.