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 +The generation process is driven by <wrap adicode>​Scenario Tree</​wrap>​ provided by **Scenario.xml** file.
 +The <wrap adicode>​Scenario Tree</​wrap>​ describes how to drive automatic generation processes.\\
 +Indeed, as explained in this [[tutorial:​scenario|page]] a scenario transforms an input (XML files, Pojos) into a GENERATED XML file which describes the body of a part (Editor, Query, Detail UI...).\\
 +For instance, The <wrap adicode>​DetailScenario</​wrap>​ class builds XML file like <wrap adicode>​FilmDIGENERATED.axml</​wrap>​ (see [[tutorial:​scenario|Scenario architecture]]). ​  
 +<WRAP indic>An example of <wrap adicode>​Scenario Tree</​wrap>​ can be see [[http://​www.adichatz.org/​document/​Scenario.xml|here]].</​WRAP>​
 +However, only common cases can be dealt by the set of scenarios given by default.\\
 +In order to get around this limitation, you can create your own scenario tree file which describes specific features for the generation processes. You can specify:
 +  * New scenarios, generators, path elements, parameters can be specified or added to the Scenario Tree before launching or relaunching generation processes.
 +  * Pojo rewriter for injecting changes in Pojos (e.g. <wrap adicode>​org.adichatz.scenario.generation.SuperPojoRewriter</​wrap>​ is a java class for rewrite Pojo in order to add a super class.
 +  * Specific features as new item value, validators or listeners can be added to the scenario tree.  ​
 +These changes can be manually made by the developper inside the **Scenario.xml** file.
 +A other way is to assemble changes inside a new <wrap adicode>​Scenario tree</​wrap>​ stored in a specific <wrap adicode>​xml file</​wrap>​
 +For example, open file <wrap adicode>​[eclipse_dir]/​plugins/​org.adichatz.template/​template/​connectors/​pagilaMappingOverride.xml</​wrap>​.
 +**Following XML elements:**
 +<sxh xml; highlight: [4,​10,​11,​17,​18,​19,​20,​21,​22,​26,​29,​37,​40,​41,​44,​46,​55];​ first-line: 1; title: excerpt from '​pagilaMappingOverride.xml'​ file.>
 +<?xml version="​1.0"​ encoding="​UTF-8"​ standalone="​yes"?>​
 +<​scenarioTree xmlns:​xsi="​http://​www.w3.org/​2001/​XMLSchema-instance"​ xsi:​noNamespaceSchemaLocation="​http://​www.adichatz.org/​xsd/​v0.9.1/​generator/​scenarioTree.xsd">​
 +    <​pathElements>​
 +        <​pathElement type="​PROJECT"​ location="​myscenario"/>​
 +    </​pathElements>​
 + <​params>​
 +    <param id="​devl.default.integer.pattern"​ value="#####"/>​
 +    </​params>​
 +    <​generators>​
 +        <​generator treeClassName="​org.adichatz.generator.wrapper.TableWrapper"​ generatorClassName="​org.mycompany.myscenario.generator.MyTableGenerator"/>​
 +        <​generator treeClassName="#​CONTROLGENERATOR()"​ generatorClassName="​org.mycompany.myscenario.generator.MyControlGenerator"/>​
 +    </​generators>​
 +    <​generationScenario>​
 +        <​generationUnit scenarioClassName="​org.mycompany.myscenario.scenario.MyDetailScenario"​ type="​DETAIL"/>​
 + <​modelPart>​
 +    <​pojoRewriters>​
 +     <​pojoRewriter rewriterClassName="​org.adichatz.scenario.generation.PgPojoIdRewriter"/>​
 +     <​pojoRewriter rewriterClassName="​org.adichatz.scenario.generation.SuperPojoRewriter"​ propertyRegex="​lastUpdate">​
 +     <​params>​
 +     <​param id="​superClassURI"​ value="​bundleclass://​./​..model.ASuperLastUpdateClass"/>​
 +     <​param id="​sourceURI"​ value="​platform:/​plugin/​org.adichatz.template/​template/​src/​ASuperLastUpdateClass.java"/>​
 +     </​params>​
 +     </​pojoRewriter>​
 + </​pojoRewriters>​
 +    </​modelPart>​
 + <​propertyField id="​lastUpdate">​
 +        <​controlField xsi:​type="​dateTextType"​ enabled="​false"​ style="​SWT.BORDER | SWT.TIME"/>​
 + </​propertyField>​
 + <​propertyField id="​rating"​ pojoType="#​ENUM(MpaaRatingEnum,​ {G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17})">​
 +        <​controlField xsi:​type="​cComboType">​
 + <​labelProvider>​
 +                <​textCode>​return ((#​MODELPACKAGE().MpaaRatingEnum) element).getValue();</​textCode>​
 + </​labelProvider>​
 + <​initValues>​return java.util.Arrays.asList(#​MODELPACKAGE().MpaaRatingEnum.values());</​initValues>​
 + </​controlField>​
 + </​propertyField>​
 + <​propertyField id="​fulltext"​ pojoType="​tsvector"/>​
 + <​pluginEntity entityURI="​adi://​./​./​FilmMM">​
 + <​messages>​
 +        <​message key="​invalid.year.value"​ value="​Invalid year '​{0}'​! Value must be between 1900 and 2155"/>​
 +        <​message key="​invalid.year.value"​ value="'​{0}'​ n'est pas une année valide! La valeur doit être entre 1900 et 2155" language="​fr"/>​
 +        </​messages>​
 +            <​params>​
 +                <param id="​FULLTEXT_RESOURCE_URI"​ type="​QUERY_ITEM"​ value="​adi://​org.adichatz.jpa/​query/​FullTextInclude"/>​
 +            </​params>​
 +            <​propertyField id="​releaseYear"​ pojoType="​int">​
 +         <​controlField xsi:​type="​formattedTextType"​ editPattern="####"​ format="​Integer">​
 +         <​validators>​
 +            ​ <​validator key="​invalidYear"​ errorMessage="#​MSG(film,​ invalid.year.value,​ #​FV())">​
 +            ​ <​errorWhen>​return #FV() &lt; 1900 ||  #FV() &gt; 2155;</​errorWhen>​
 +            ​ </​validator>​
 +         </​validators>​
 +         </​controlField>​
 +            </​propertyField>​
 +            <​propertyField id="​specialFeatures"​ pojoType="​String[]">​
 +         <​controlField xsi:​type="​multiChoiceType"​ values="​Trailers,​Commentaries,​Deleted Scenes,​Behind the Scenes"​ multiChoiceType="​Array"​ popupToolbar="​true">​
 +         <​convertTargetToModel>​return java.util.Arrays.copyOf((Object[]) value, ((Object[]) value).length,​ String[].class);</​convertTargetToModel>​
 +         </​controlField>​
 +            </​propertyField>​
 +        </​pluginEntity>​
 +    </​generationScenario>​
 +<WRAP indic><​wrap adititle>​Remarks</​wrap>:​\\
 +|< 100% 10em - >|
 +^  <​html><​small></​html>​Line 4<​html></​small></​html>:​|@#​eff5fb:​A new project containing resources (classes) is added to the path for generation processes.|
 +^  <​html><​small></​html>​Lines 11-12<​html></​small></​html>:​|@#​eff5fb:​2 new **Generators** are used instead of standard generators.|
 +^  <​html><​small></​html>​Lines 17-23<​html></​small></​html>:​|@#​eff5fb:​2 new <wrap adicode>​pojo rewriters</​wrap>​ are executed after **Pojos** are generated.|
 +^  <​html><​small></​html>​Lines 26-28<​html></​small></​html>:​|@#​eff5fb:​The **controller** for <wrap adicode>​lastUpdate</​wrap>​ property will be a <wrap adicode>​DateTextController</​wrap>​ for any entity of the project.|  ​
 +^  <​html><​small></​html>​Lines 29-36<​html></​small></​html>:​|@#​eff5fb:​The <wrap adicode>​rating</​wrap>​ property has a <wrap adicode>​enum</​wrap>​ type (**PostgresSQL** database) and is displayed in a <wrap adicode>​CComboController</​wrap>​ controller for any entity of the project.|  ​
 +^  <​html><​small></​html>​Line 37<​html></​small></​html>:​|@#​eff5fb:​The <wrap adicode>​fullText</​wrap>​ property must be considered as a **tsvector** (fulltext feature in **PostgresSQL** database): that means it is not mapped in the client side.|
 +^  <​html><​small></​html>​Lines 40-41<​html></​small></​html>:​|@#​eff5fb:​2 items are added to the message bundle file linked to the <wrap adicode>​Film</​wrap>​ entity (<wrap adicode>​filmGENERATED.properties</​wrap>​ file).|
 +^  <​html><​small></​html>​Line 44<​html></​small></​html>:​|@#​eff5fb:​a new parameter is passed when building navigator. This item provides a Fulltext feature will be associated to the Query form of the  <wrap adicode>​Film</​wrap>​ entity.|
 +^  <​html><​small></​html>​Lines 46-54<​html></​small></​html>:​|@#​eff5fb:​Assumes that the value of the <wrap adicode>​releaseYear</​wrap>​ property must be between 1900 and 2155 (Client side).|
 +^  <​html><​small></​html>​Lines 55-59<​html></​small></​html>:​|@#​eff5fb:​The value of the <wrap adicode>​specialFeatures</​wrap>​ property is an array of predetermined values (**PostgresSQL** database) and uses a [[controllers:​multichoicecontroller|MultiChoiceController]] controller.|
 +\\ \\
 +<WRAP adihi>
 +This customized <wrap adicode>​Scenario Tree</​wrap>​ will be merged to the standard <wrap adicode>​Scenario Tree</​wrap>​ in order to inject the aboved described features in the project.
 +So, Developpers can build and share powerfull aspects to easily enrich the generation processes.</​WRAP> ​