10 plugins are added to Eclipse to form Adichatz framework.

The central plugins

Central plugin which manages basic resources: Controllers, Application data caches, listeners, validation, databinding…

Manage Eclipse 4 resources. The application generated by Adichatz use only Eclipse 4 resources.

The resources plugins

A JPA implementation providing resources to work on SQL database thru Hibernate.

Includes classes known by server (EJB) and local (UI).

Manage css style (see Use css styling).

External resources gathered inside one plugin: MigLayout, CGlib, persistence interface, Nebula controls.

The generator plugins

Contains 2 parts:

  • Scenario: Resources for generating XML files which describe most of the resources managed by Adichatz: Editors, Navigators, Entity… (you can extends or create your own java classes to create you own scenario).
  • Generator: Read an XML file as input and then generate java classes for runtime (you can extends or create your own java classes to generate what you want)..

Manages the SQL connection and the Hibernate POJO generation process.

An implementation running on Eclipse 3 resources (Adichatz Studio works on Eclipse 3 resources because main of development resources are in still in Eclipse 3).

Provide specific editors and handlers for managing Adichatz generation process: A large part of the studio is written with Adichatz. Studio uses a specific implementation where Meta model is describe by the XML grammar (xsd files) and beans are all the components of the XML files (more than 200 classes).

Contains specific resources (templates, libraries, xsd files).

It is not a java project. It is rather a collection of resources and settings files needed for generation process.

The developer resources plugins

Some developer resources accessible for the applications you develop: Application Cache for debugging, Lock manager…

Provides an easy way to launch TestNG tests at runtime and displays results.