Generators aims to build final Java classes:


A generator transforms an XML file (see scenario) in java classes.

For example, the generator org.adichatz.generator.PartTreeGenerator class can take a ActorEDITORGENERATED.axml file as input to generate 3 java classes:

  1. ''.
  2. ''.
  3. ''.

In the same vein, org.adichatz.generator.QueryGenerator class, takes the FilmQUERY java class as input to build the '' file.

You can create your own generator classes or select generator classes.

You can create your own generator classes and decide to use them in generation process.:

  • Create you generator class, e.g. by extending an existing generator.
  • Open the './resources/xml/Scenario.xml' file with Scenario Editor.
  • Select Features page.
  • Select Generators tab.
  • In the Outline part, focus on 'treeClassName' field 'and select available generators (CTL-Space).

Select generator