Adichatz databinding service is the environment where data are manipulated. By default, one databinding service is created when opening an editor. This service ensures data consistency of the entities in connection with the Application Data Cache and editor:

  • Changes are broadcast to other editors (including changes on relationship between objects).
  • Dirty management (asterisk *) of editor, section and table is provided.
  • Lazy loading: If you decide to display for example the name of the country of the city you do not have to program any query. The service manages all that is necessary.
  • The service controls all validation processes.

The framework provides a default databinding service for JPA environment (data coming from a SQL database). Internally, Adichatz uses an other implementation of databinding to manage XML files using all Adichatz components (see XML and Scenario editors). In the future, we hope others implementations to be provided.