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 +Development under Adichatz obeys to a specific and simple logic.
 +  * With generation tools, you can quickly ​ succeed ​ in building a deliverable that uses specific technologies.
 +  * Several means are available to transform the deliverable:​
 +    * Dealing the generation process (Pojo rewriters, [[scenario|scenario]],​ [[generator|generators]]).
 +    * Improve the XML file (see examples [[tutorial:​improve_film_detail|for Film detail]] or [[tutorial:​include_gmap_controller|for Address detail]]).
 +    * [[tutorial:​extend_controller|Extend controller]].
 +    * [[tutorial:​create_listener|Add listeners]].
 +    * [[tutorial:​validation_process|Use validators]].
 +    * ....
 +Eclipse Plugins/​Bundles logic ([[tutorial:​osgi|OSGi]]) ​ can be used to create your own resources. For example: ​
 +  * '<​wrap adicode>​org.adichatz.jpa</​wrap>'​ is a module which implements its own Databinding service, its own Application Data Cache and its own entities.
 +  * In '<​wrap adicode>​org.adichatz.studio</​wrap>',​ Eclipse 3 resources are implemented and so, specific databinding services, Application Data Cache and XJC entities provide a way to link beans comming from XML grammar (xsd files) to Adichatz framework.