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 +====== Entity Editor======
 +<WRAP adihi>​Adichatz provides **Entity Editors** for managing inside one editor detail of an entity and all related objects (dependencies) of this one.</​WRAP>​
 +<columns 100% 300px>
 +{{gallery>​ tutorial:​entity_editor?​2&​160x160&​lightbox&​showtitle}}
 +<​newcolumn left middle>
 +<wrap adititle>​The default default design of an entity editor contains:</​wrap>​
 +  * one page which presents entity detail.
 +  * one page for managing all related objects linked by a OneToMany or ManyToMany relationship. Each 
 +  * one page by OneToOne relationship which presents detail of the related object.
 +<WRAP indic>​Standard generation process provides raw Entity Editors. A developper can easily remodel the editor by:
 +  * changing layouts,
 +  * redefining validation processes,
 +  * extending controllers,​
 +  * adding specific listeners to change behavior.</​WRAP>​
 +<columns 100% middle>
 +{{youtube>​S8BxH3YmG4E?​medium |Query Editor Overview}}
 +<​newcolumn left middle>
 +<wrap adititle>​Entity Editor provides useful mechanisms:</​wrap>​
 +  * [[databinding_service|Databinding service]] ensure data consistency.
 +  * An outline panel to quickly navigate within the pages of the editor or to retrieve the errors that occurred. ​