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 +===== OneToOne relationship. =====
 +It is quite difficult to manage OneToOne relationship with Hibernate for 2 reasons:
 +  * By default, Hibernate POJO generation does not support OneToOne relationship.
 +  * Once you have added correct annotations to POJO in order to support OneToOne relationship,​ Eager loading of OnetoOne second member when quering on first member becomes a real problem.
 +  ​
 +  To prevent, these drawbacks, Adichatz provides a POJO rewriter which rewrite POJO members so that OneToOne is effective and Lazy loading is conserved.  ​
 +===== Composite key. =====
 +Consider that you have an object with a composite key as following:
 +  * Parent key
 +  * Increment
 +Adichatz proposes to manage directly the incrementation of this kind of key.
 +===== Dynamic blocks. =====
 +A dynamic block is composite containing field which must be created (**Valid** status) or not created (**Invalid** status) following a condition.
 +When the condition changes the status of the block must change.
 +If the block contains validations,​ they must be raised only when block has a **Valid** status: If an error occurs (e.g. a mandatory field is empty), and the condition of the block is no longer checked, the error must disappeared respectively if the condition is checked, the error must occur. ​
 +An other difficulty is to link dynamic behavior with databinding service. If a change in another editor causes a change the condition value, the status of the block must change.
 +<WRAP adihi><​html><​center><​big></​html>//​Adichatz provides a simple way to manage dynamic blocks.//<​html></​big></​center></​html></​WRAP>​
 +<sxh xml; first-line: 27; highlight: [30,​31,​32,​33,​34];​ title: excerpt from '​FilmDIGENERATED.axml'​ file (new version).>​
 +<​composite id="​activeComposite">​
 +    <layout layoutConstraints="​wrap 1, ins 0, hidemode 3" columnConstraints="​[fill,​ grow]"/>​
 +    <pgroup text="#​MSG(Film,​active)"​ id="​activeGroup">​
 +     <​dynamicClause listenedFieldId="​active"​ listenedContainerId="​detailContainer">​
 +        <​conditionCode>#​BEAN().getActive()</​conditionCode>​
 +        <​postCode>#​CONTROLLER(fieldComposite).getComposite().layout();​
 +     </​dynamicClause>​
 +     <layout layoutConstraints="​wrap 2" columnConstraints="​[align right]10[fill,​grow]"/>​
 +     <​formattedText editPattern="######"​ format="​Short"​ property="​rentalDuration"​ mandatory="​true"​ id="​rentalDuration"/>​
 +     <​numericText pattern="##​.##"​ property="​rentalRate"​ mandatory="​true"​ style="​SWT.BORDER | SWT.RIGHT"​ id="​rentalRate"/>​
 +     <​numericText pattern="###​.##"​ property="​replacementCost"​ mandatory="​true"​ style="​SWT.BORDER | SWT.RIGHT"​ id="​replacementCost"/>​
 +    </​pgroup>​