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 +====== Queries======
 +Adichatz provides a rich **Query Editor** which can host a **JQL** or a **SQL** query.\\
 +The Query Editor is designed to provide a rich interface to end-users so that they can easily define their preferences,​ store them and recall them.
 +<columns 100% 500px>
 +{{tutorial:​query_editor.png?​500 |Query Editor}}
 +<​newcolumn left>
 +<wrap adititle>​By default, the basic features offer:</​wrap>​
 +  * Columns layout: Change columns order, column size, hide column.
 +  * Call an Entity Editor for each row.
 +  * Copy result in buffer to paste in your favorite spreadsheet.
 +<wrap adititle>​An Outline Panel linked to the editor provides following features:</​wrap>​
 +  * **Pagination**:​ Number of rows by page, Page presentation,​ status bar
 +  * **Parameters** to refine results. List return by server is filtered by parameters.
 +  * Final user can easily change, enable or disable **Filters**. Filters only affect client side.
 +  * **Cross references** allow user to quickly call a new List/Detail Editor for presenting dependencies of a row.  ​
 +<columns 100% middle>
 +{{youtube>​XHaGXoMVqTw?​medium |Query Editor Overview}}
 +<​newcolumn middle>
 +<WRAP adihi><​html><​center></​html>​Without effort, application provides a rich Query interface.\\
 +Preferences defined by end-users can be stored and recalled.<​html></​center></​html></​WRAP>​